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We Offer Deck & Fence Cleaning For Your Home

Deck and fence cleaning

We strive to be an all-in-one exterior cleaning solution for Charlotte Hall and Southern Maryland home and business owners, and that includes house washing, roof, patio, driveway, deck & fence cleaning, because your property doesn't stop at the structure and it's all subject to the damaging 24/7 assault of nature. The Water Boys are experts at soft wash fence washing for wooden fences and we've also got the heavy machinery for brick, block, cement, and iron fences and perimeter walls of all kinds.

The Water Boys are the champions of Charlotte Hall pressure washing and our deck & fence cleaning services can increase your backyard's curb appeal too. We can breathe new life into decks, patios, pavers, and pool decks with an expert combination of soft washing and pressure washing to make any and all of your backyard surfaces look brand new and ready for family gatherings, backyard barbeques, or just relaxing and enjoying the more pleasing aspects of the Maryland great outdoors.

Sun, rain, and snow can fade and discolor wooden and composite decks, plus organic growth like moss and mold can compound the damage and even lead to possible slip-and-fall dangers. Now add foot traffic and wear and tear and it's obvious why many wooden decks look old before their time. But fear not, deck & fence cleaning is the kind of pressure washing challenge we relish because the results after our professional, thorough, and effective deck & fence cleaning process will amaze and astound. You can trust The Water Boys to restore and take care of your decks, fences, and patios and help complete your staycation-ready backyard paradise.

Before you spend a small fortune on a new deck or fence, call The Water Boys, Charlotte Hall's affordable deck & fence cleaning specialists, to learn how we can make your decks and fences look like you replaced them, at a much lower cost.

Professional Deck Cleaning Refreshes Outdoor Rooms

A thorough deck cleaning not only freshens the look of your deck, but it also removes mold and moss buildup that pose dangerous potential for slips and falls. Professional soft was deck cleaning can also banish decay and rot-causing fungus from wood decking without damaging your deck. Our pros are experienced experts at determining the best combination of eco-friendly chemical cleaners, hot or cold, low, high, or no psi water power; and combined with good old fashioned elbow grease, attention-to-detail, and an obsessive determination to exceed the expectations of every customer, we'll execute a cleaning plan that will leave your deck, renewed, rejuvenated, and looking like it was built yesterday.

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