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Pressure Washing Prep

Pressure washing prep

Professional pressure washing restores your home, roof, patio, fence, deck, and driveways to increase curb appeal, removes pollen and airborne pathogens that can cause your family discomfort, and protects exterior surfaces from damaging mold, fungi, and algae. Oil spills and fungus growth can cause slip and fall hazards, and roadkill and animal droppings are always unwanted on driveways and require professional intervention. When you're ready to hire a professional pressure washing contractor for house washing, driveway cleaning, or patio cleaning, there are a few considerations and steps you can take prior to the job to ensure a quick, smooth, flawless job.

The Water Boys make exterior cleaning as quick, painless, and affordable as possible for you, but a little pressure washing prep can help us do the job even more safely and efficiently.

Make Arrangements for Pets and Kids

Pressure washing can be loud and invasive for sensitive kids and pets. The motor of the pressure washing machine and the water hitting the various exterior surfaces can be disturbing for some children and animals. Making arrangements to have them somewhere off the property during the pressure washing process can help avoid potential stress for the whole family.

Clear Walkways, Driveways, and Sides Of House And Property

Before your pressure washing project begins, take the time to clear away any vehicles, toys, lawn equipment, or other items you may have in the driveway or scattered around your property. This lets the pressure washers immediately begin applying pre-treatment solutions to surfaces upon arrival and allows the pre-soaking process to begin dissolving gunk and grime.

Close Windows and Doors And Check Seals

Check that all of your windows are completely closed and properly caulked to prevent any seepage inside. Also, check doorways to ensure that the top and bottom of the door are sealing properly in the door frame. On the day of the scheduled pressure washing project, lock the windows and doors for extra protection.

If You Don't Want It To Get Wet, Move It Elsewhere

Vehicles, patio furniture, garden tools, outdoor grills, bikes, skateboards, and other similar items should be moved away from the work area or covered securely in waterproof plastic.

Cover Electrical Outlets and Panels

Water and electricity don't mix, so be sure to remove or cover anything connected to an electrical power source in the outdoor work area. Outdoor security panels, sound systems and speakers, and other outdoor electronics should be securely covered in addition to any wall outlets to avert damage or electrical issues.

Plants, Lawn, and Landscaping

Even though most professional pressure washers use chemicals that won't harm plants and greenery, it's best to store potted plants in a garage or storage building and away from the pressure washing work surfaces. Cover what cannot be moved with sturdy plastic sheeting. The Water Boys use only biodegradable, eco-friendly chemicals, but it's always best to play it as safe as possible by covering or moving particularly delicate or important plants.

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