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Experienced Calcium & Rust Removal Specialists

Rust and calcium removal

Most rust stains and calcium buildups in outdoor settings and on exterior surfaces are due to certain properties of water, so who better than The Water Boys to lead the way in calcium and rust removal in Charlotte Hall. Rust comes in many forms, one of which is rust stains on exterior surfaces due to sprinklers where the groundwater has a high iron content, or where rusted metal comes in contact with surfaces and reacts with rain or humidity over time. Rust stains on siding and concrete are notoriously hard to remove without chemical treatment, so rust removal experts are the best solution to rust stain problems, and the most trusted residential and commercial Charlotte Hall pressure washing company, The Water Boys, is also the leading authority on rust removal in the area.

High psi pressure washing can work like an old fashioned wire brush to remove rust and oxidation from metal surfaces like tin roofs and wrought iron fences, but at a much faster pace. But rust stains are a different story and require a little chemistry from a rust removal expert to do the job properly and completely erase the stain. We've got the eco-safe chemical expertise and pressure washing power to take on rust removal for residential applications like driveways, siding, and metal roofs, as well as, commercial applications like gas station and storefront washing.

The Water Boys have dedicated themselves to finding the best cleaning solution for every type of stain and surface, and that's just one of the many reasons why they are the authority on rust removal in the Charlotte Hall and entire Southern Maryland area.

Calcium Removal

Calcium deposits, also referred to as lime buildup, accumulate right below a material's surface and occur when evaporating water pushes minerals in the material towards the surface and they can be indicators of possible water damage. Efflorescence is a similar looking deposit of a salt that collects on the outside of a material's surface. In either case, the calcium removal experts of The Water Boys know how to defeat and erase it from your business or home's exterior surfaces, because we know how to defeat virtually every type of stain, discoloration, and exterior surface blemish, and that's a point of pride that drives our attention to detail and stubborn determination to leave every surface looking spotless and new.

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